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Drunk driving charges expected to be filed in deadly wreck


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A Colorado judge recently set bail for a woman accused of striking a bicyclist and then fleeing the scene. Although no charges have officially been filed yet, it is expected that she will face allegations of drunk driving and vehicular homicide. Citing possible flight risks, her bail was set at $200,000.

Police believe that the 24-year-old Colorado woman was possibly intoxicated behind the wheel of her vehicle when she veered into an adjoining bike lane. At that point, she allegedly struck a bicyclist. Witnesses claim that she continued driving after that, but was later spotted by someone who noticed damage consistent with a collision on her vehicle. That individual alerted the police who ultimately stopped the driver.

During the stop, officers requested that she comply with a roadside sobriety test, which she apparently declined. She cited the belief that her past criminal record would result in her arrest no matter her ability to perform the requested maneuvers. Police also indicated that she smelled strongly of alcohol and that there was a pack of beer in her vehicle, although the containers were unopened. Her alleged refusal to perform the field sobriety test combined with the possible scent of alcohol resulted in a blood draw in order to determine her blood-alcohol content at the time of the wreck.

In addition to the $200,000 bond, the judge also mandated that the defendant not take part in any drug or alcohol use for the time being. The absence of drunk driving charges might lead some Colorado defendants to inaction, but “no time like the present” is typically applicable in situations like this. By reviewing both evidence collected by police and the possible charges to be filed, defendants can more wisely utilize their time for creating the best and most secure defense possible.

Source:, “Boulder judge sets bond at $200,000 for suspect in fatal hit-and-run“, Mitchell Byars, June 27, 2016

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