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Colorado man facing numerous criminal charges


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Police in Colorado Springs recently arrested a man following a report of a domestic disturbance. The criminal charges against him include domestic violence, a felony level DUI and various misdemeanors. If the accused is convicted on any of these charges, the penalties could be quite severe.

According to a local news report, just after midnight on Thursday, Aug. 17, law enforcement authorities received a call regarding a domestic violence situation involving a gun, occurring at a local residence. Before police arrived at the home, the accused is said to have left in his SUV. However, he did not make it far before hitting a guardrail with his vehicle.

Authorities claim that the accused failed to comply with demands, and they were allegedly forced to tackle him in order to take him into custody. Eventually, the 37-year-old male was placed under arrest and transported to a holding facility. It is unclear if this individual is still in police custody or if he has been released on bond.

The combination of criminal charges filed in this case will not be easy to tackle. There are a lot of elements involved, each that deserves time and attention. Though this will not be a simple task, with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney the accused will have the ability to question every last bit of evidence offered against him, question the actions of the arresting officers and pursue a legal avenue that will help him minimize any consequences, even if he is ultimately convicted in a Colorado criminal court.

Source:, “Man charged with DUI after crashing SUV into guardrail in western Colorado Springs“, Angela Case, Aug. 17, 2017

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