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Driving without a license can be a big deal


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Walking out the door without one’s wallet is something that most people have done — it happens. If one is pulled over for a traffic violation and cannot produce his or her valid driver’s license, a ticket will likely be issued. It is a whole different ball game if one is purposely driving without a license, is driving with an invalid license or is operating a vehicle on a suspended license. Colorado residents in this position may face penalties that are far more severe than a ticket.

What are the penalties for driving without a license or with a suspended or otherwise invalid license? These are known as willful violations. Every state treats such offenses a bit differently, but generally speaking, one’s car may be impounded, driving privileges may be completely revoked, and one may even end up spending time behind bars — among others consequences.

Is it worth fighting driver’s license violations? Yes, it certainly can be. Sitting back and just taking punishment may not be in one’s best interest. The punishments allowed if convicted can take a real toll on a person’s family and professional life.

Knowing where to start when fighting accusations of driver’s license violations can be a bit confusing. Thankfully, those in Colorado who are accused of driving without a license can turn to legal counsel for help. With an experienced attorney at one’s side, one can take the legal actions appropriate for his or her situation and do all that is necessary to seek the best outcome possible.

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