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DUI offenses in Colorado will soon be categorized


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After a new law becomes effective this month, every DUI conviction will have a $24 surcharge added. This will contribute to the gathering of information to produce the report on different types of DUI cases that are recorded in Colorado. Authorities say having a breakdown showing the numbers of alcohol, marijuana and other drug-related DUI offenses is important.

House Bill 1315 will allow improved analysis of statistics related to impaired driving on state roads. Up to now, records reflect a lump sum of DUI arrests, but a state legislator wants separate numbers for the different categories. Traveling on I-25, drivers can see a display of the road fatalities caused by impairment so far in 2017, but authorities believe it will have more impact if that information specifies the number of deaths caused by alcohol, marijuana and other drugs.

Each March, the general assembly will receive a detailed report that will show the different categories of DUI charges and convictions. Other safety organizations agree that the availability of such detailed analysis can be invaluable as a tool in injury and death prevention on the roads. It will allow better targeting of exact problems instead of playing a guessing game.

Colorado drivers who are accused of DUI offenses may have questions about the methods law enforcement used to determine impairment by alcohol or drugs. The most logical step might be to arrange a consultation with an experienced DUI defense attorney. A lawyer can provide answers and assess the available information before suggesting the most appropriate way to proceed with the defense.

Source:, “New law will categorize DUI offenses based on alcohol or type of drug”, Ted Skroback, Aug. 3, 2017

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