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Colorado woman facing murder charge


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Police in Colorado had been talking with a woman who they believed had information about the disappearance of her father. Authorities began to suspect the woman after they started receiving calls from concerned family members about not being able to get in touch with her dad. After several visits with the woman and an official investigation into the matter, police took her into custody and she is now facing a murder charge.

According to a recent report, police in Federal Heights received a number of phone calls regarding a missing person. Several family members reported not being able to get in contact with a 69-year-old male that lived in the area and they wanted police to go to his house to check on him. On Dec. 28, they visited the address and found his 44-year-old daughter living there. She claimed he had left on a camping trip with his girlfriend and never returned. Officers returned to speak with the woman several times and even asked her to come into the station for a formal interview before she was finally taken into custody on Jan. 10.

Investigators claim to have found a body encased in cement in the home’s crawl space. They believe it to be the body of her missing father. Law enforcement authorities claim that the accused admitted to pouring the cement in the crawl space. She has refused to speak to police since her interview — which is her right.

If convicted on this murder charge, this woman may spend the rest of her life behind bars. Obviously, the way she fights her case is really going to matter. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help her navigate the Colorado criminal court system and fight to protect her current and future interests.

Source:, “Colorado man’s body found encased in concrete in crawl space“, Jan. 17, 2018

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