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Investigation of shooting leads to Colorado Springs man’s arrest


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The words shooting and Colorado Springs are not words that a local resident wants to hear together. Unfortunately, shootings in this area are fairly common. When such events happen, police are quick to investigate. The investigation into a recent fatal shooting led police to one man, so far. He has since been arrested and could face some serious charges.

According to a local news report, on Dec. 27, a man was shot just outside the Kmart parking lot. The vehicle in which he was a passenger was turning into the store’s parking lot when another car pulled alongside. The victim got out of his vehicle, supposedly with a gun in hand, when he was fired upon by an individual in the second automobile. The second car then quickly fled the scene.

Sheriff’s deputies in El Paso County recently arrested a 23-year-old male who is believed to have been involved in the incident. They have not specified if they think he was the shooter, the driver or if he played some other role. They located this individual South of Colorado Springs and took him into custody without incident.

Authorities have not indicated what in their investigation led to this particular individual. If charged for the shooting, this young man could face penalties that include a lengthy imprisonment and fines — among others. Fighting a case like this in a Colorado criminal court will not prove to be an easy task. Thankfully, the accused has the right to retain an experienced attorney who will do everything to fight to protect his rights and seek the best outcome possible.

Source:, “Suspect arrested in fatal shooting in Colorado Springs“, Jan. 6, 2018

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