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How should I report sexual abuse by a medical professional?


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More than ever, we are coming to appreciate that health is our greatest wealth. Having trusted medical care providers give us the support we need to maintain good health. Routine health evaluations often require us to be partially undressed and in vulnerable positions, so mutual respect and safety between doctor and patient is of the utmost importance.

It is sometimes the case, however, that we misplace our trust in a manipulative and exploitative individual who is undeserving of it. Our culture is becoming more aware that unfortunately, there are some medical professionals who cross that line of trust and commit the crime of sexual abuse or assault.

Reporting sexual abuse done by a health professional

When you have experienced the life-altering trauma of sexual abuse, it can be terrifying to report it. Although it is understandably difficult to come forward and speak your truth, you deserve justice for what you lived through. Here are some ways to report what happened:

  • Contact the non-emergency police line to report the incident to your local law enforcement  
  • Contact the head of the hospital, facility or office where the abuse took place
  • Contact your state’s medical licensing board to report the incident

We will not stand for people who disrespect their profession by violating the trust between patients and care providers, and we will not allow them to perpetuate their violent behavior. You and all human beings deserve to feel safe and heard. We are here to provide information for your next steps toward justice, whatever that looks like to you. 

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