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How do slip-and-fall accidents happen?


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In most instances, slip, trip and fall incidents end with nothing more than an embarrassing chuckle and dust on the pants. However, it is not uncommon for a slip, trip and fall incident to result in a life-altering injury.

If you are hurt in a slip, trip and fall accident on someone’s property, like a business facility, you may pursue the property owner for compensation for your medical costs as well as other damages. However, to litigate your case and win your claim, you need to prove that the defendant was somehow negligent.

So how do slip, trip and fall accidents happen?

A number of circumstances may amount to negligence in a slip, trip and fall accident. Here are some of them:

Defective stairs or missing rails

Guardrails and handrails were invented for a reason: to provide support while ascending or descending the stairways or escalators. If you slip and fall because the rails are broken or missing, you can have a compelling case against the property owner. The same applies when you slip and fall through defective stairs.

Defective carpets

Wear and tear do happen. When floor carpets wear out, it is the job of the property owner to replace or fix torn or loose carpets.

In a neglected carpet results in your slip, trip and fall, you may pursue the property owner for a premise liability claim.

Poor lighting

Poorly lit staircases is one of the major causes of slip-and-fall accidents. Every property owner or manager has a duty to visitors to spot and avoid potential hazards. If you slipped, tripped and fell because you couldn’t spot a hazard thanks to poor lighting, you may hold the property owner or manager liable.

A slip, trip and fall accident can leave you with serious injuries. Find out how you can pursue a premise liability claim if you are hurt in such a way.

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